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Cosmic Masque is coming...

Hello, I'm over here now!

I've promised to make better use of my blog from now on, so you should be reading more from me, should you click this way.

The Underwater Menace DVD

Further details about the forthcoming DVD release of the Underwater Menace are now available.

Episodes 1 & 4 will be represented by telesnaps and restored audio. There will also be the following extras:

Top of the Class?

The BBC have announced a new 8 x 45 minute Doctor Who Spin off from the Young Adult author Patrick Ness (Chaos Walking trilogy and A Monster Calls). Class is a Young Adult series set in contemporary London.

A Complete Adventure in one Programme

Probably as a result of the Rugby World Cup hitting the initial audience for Series 9, the BBC has announced that Sunday at 3.15pm will feature a double bill of 'The Magicians Apprentice' and 'The Witches Familiar'. Or as we used to say back in the 1970s, 'a complete adventure in one programme...'

The Magician's Apprentice Catch Up Numbers

Last Saturday's episode has already added 1.1 million UK viewers who used the online catch up service - that takes the initial overnight figure of 4.58 million to 5.68 million. More viewers are likely to be added in the next few days.

Our New Celestial Toyroom Editor

I am pleased to announce that the new editor of CT will be John Davies. Readers will know John's work from recent editions of the magazine and also from his wider contributions to the SF genre. Of particular note is the recent book 'Blakes Heaven' which John edited. (And which is still available from Amazon - )

Goodbye Clara

Jenna Coleman has confirmed that she is leaving the programme at some stage this season.

New Series Prologue

The BBC have released a short prologue to The Magician's Apprentice, which is scheduled for broadcast on Saturday 19th September at 7.40pm.

Doctorate for the Hon Prez!

We're delighted to announce that our esteemed Hon Prez is to receive an Honorary Doctorate from Bucks New University.

The citation states that it is in reconition of "his international standing, local profile and links to the University's course portfolio."

Warmest congratulations Colin.

At last - The Underwater Menace!

The Underwater Menace DVD has been confirmed for release on October 26th. More details in due course.