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'Time Heist' UK Overnight Viewing Figures

The UK figures for 'Time Heist' show a consolidation of Doctor Who's position so far -

the overnight numbers which are those people watching at or immediately after broadcast were 4.93 million or 23.8% of the watching audience. Doctor Who retained its position as number two on Saturday, with 'The X Factor' taking the number one spot.

'Robot of Sherwood' Final Numbers

The final consolidated ratings for 'Robot of Sherwood' in the UK have been released. That number, including those people who watched in the seven days after initial broadcast is 7.3 million. This means that once again, Doctor Who has added a high number of additional viewers, a further 2.1 million.

'Listen' Overnight Figures for UK Broadcast

The initial audience for 'Listen' on BBC1 Saturday 14th September, was 4.8 million viewers or 23.5% of the audience. The actuals numbers are a little down from last week, although the audience share is only slightly changed and the lower number thus represents a smaller TV attaching audience yesterday.

Send Us your Comments on 'Listen' - win 'Silhouette' by Justin Richards

The next episode of Doctor Who, 'Listen' airs in the UK very shortly, and worldwide soon after. As always, your views are sought. This week, we will draw from the hat of those who send us their views, two names to win a copy of the 12th Doctor hardback 'Silhouette' by Justin Richards. Everyone is welcome to enter, UK or non-UK, member or non- member.

'Into the Dalek' Consolidated Ratings Show Big Jump

The consolidated ratings for 'Inside the Dalek' have been released. These include those who watched in the first seven days after the initial UK broadcast.

'Robot of Sherwood' Overnight Ratings

It is very much a case of 'no change' in the overnight numbers for the UK.

Previous Winners

'Deep Breath' - The DVDs/Blu rays were won by Christine Grit and Kate Griffiths

'Into the Dalek' - the book Engine of War was won by Ady Collier

'Robot of Sherwood' Comments and Competition

This week, we are offering a free copy of the new Big Finish 'Philip Hinchcliffe Presents..' CD 'The Ghosts of Gralstead' starring Tom Baker and Louise Jameson, to the first name drawn from the comments received on tonights episode.

'Deep Breath' Consolidated Ratings

The consolidated ratings for 'Deep Breath' on BBC1 23rd August 2014, which include 'time shift' viewing, show that the programme added a large number of additional viewers to the initial 6.8 million, to bring the total to 9.2 million. This makes Doctor Who the second most popular programme of the week.

'Into the Dalek' Overnight Ratings

The overnight ratings for 'Into the Dalek' on BBC1 Saturday 30th August 2014, were 5.2 million viewers or 24.7% of the audience. Doctor Who was the most popular programme on BBC1 and the second most popular programme in the UK yesterday, being beaten only by the return of 'The X Factor' on ITV.

Consolidated figures are likely to be released in about a week.