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Bernard Kay

Another DW stalwart, Bernard Kay has died. He was 86 and had been a guest at DWAS events where he had been a popular guest. You can read more about Bernard's career at Doctor Who News -

'Last Christmas' Competition

As always we would like your views on the Doctor Who Christmas Special after it screens where you live. This time round we will be drawing all the comments received out of a virtual hat and the winner will receive a copy of the brand new BBC audio book 'Engines of War' (rrp £25).

Christmas Cards

these have now sold out. Thank,you to everyone who supported us.

'Death in Heaven' Ratings Update

The consolidated ratings for 'Death in Heaven' on BBC1 in the UK last week, show that the programme added a massive 2.25 million viewers. The 'consolidated' result is a final figure of 7.6 million.

iPlayer and download viewings will be updated as time goes on, and we will carry a full UK ratings update in January's CT.

'Death in Heaven' Overnight Ratings

The initial overnight ratings for 'Death in Heaven' on BBC1 in the UK yesterday were 5.45 million viewers which is 23.3% of audience. Both figures represent an increase on the previous week's episode.

Doctor Who was again the third most popular programme in the UK yesterday behind Strictly Come Dancing and The X Factor.

Dark Water Consolidated Ratings

The BBC1 UK broadcast of 'Dark Water' added an impressive 2.1 million viewers to the initial overnight result, giving a consolidated rating of 7.34 million viewers.

'Death in Heaven' Comment and Competition.

As always we would like to know what you think of tonight's episode. Please drop us a line with your thoughts.

'In the Forest of the Night' Consolidated Ratings

The consolidated ratings for the BBC1 broadcast of 'In the Forest of the Night' on 25th October 2014 were 6.92 million, meaning the episode added about 1,9 million viewers to the overnight result.

'Dark Water' Overnight Ratings

The initial ratings for the BBC1 UK broadcast of 'Dark Water' on 1st November 2014 are 5.27 million, representing 22.4% of the audience. By both measures, this is an increase on last week's episode. Consolidated numbers are due next weekend.

'Flatline' Consolidated Ratings

The consolidated viewing figures for 'Flatline' on BBC1 Saturday 18th October 2014 were 6.71 million viewers. This once again means that Doctor Who added a significant audience to the initial overnight result - an additional 2.16 million in fact. 'Flatline' remains one of the lower rated stories so far this season but remains part of a good run of programmes ratings-wise.