TARDIS Magazine Volume 17 Issue 2

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Contents in this issues 64 colour pages include:

We speak to the Seventh Doctor himself, Sylvester McCoy, and his television co-stars Bonnie Langford and Sophie Aldred, aka Mel and Ace

John Lucarotti’s widow Rolli provides an in-depth insight into the celebrated Doctor Who writer’s life and work

Missing in Action: We take a comprehensive look at The Celestial Toymaker. This bumper feature includes an analysis of the camera scripts and audience research reports, viewers’ memories, set photos, an interview with dancing doll Delia Lindon, reminiscences from Peter Purves, and a study of Gerald Savory’s play George and Margaret – uncovering some surprising links to the madcap world of the Toymaker!

Stephen Wyatt looks back at his two Doctor Who adventures – Paradise Towers and The Greatest Show in the Galaxy – and recalls his visit to the Gallifrey convention in America

Stephen McKenna, son of T.P. McKenna, remembers his late father, who memorably portrayed Captain Cook in The Greatest Show in the Galaxy

Jessica Martin discusses Greatest Show’s Mags and her graphic novel work. She also provides us with our back-cover art!

Celebrating 100 years of Agatha Christie’s first novel, Mark Aldridge (author of Agatha Christie’s Poirot from HarperCollins) examines her Doctor Who connections, and Fenella ‘Agatha’ Woolgar and Daniel ‘Davenport’ King discuss the popular Tenth Doctor adventure, The Unicorn and the Wasp

Actor Liam Rudden spills the tea on Richard Franklin and John Levene’s outrageous 1984 Edinburgh Fringe show, UNIT: The Great Tea Bag Mystery

We celebrate thirty years of the New Adventures with The New Adventurers! Our four bookwyrms – Daniel, Kevin, Mat and Sarah – provide an illuminating commentary on the controversial Timewrym: Genesys

Blue Kangs are the best! Suzanna Cardash reflects on her time in Paradise Towers’ not so cowardly girl gang…
David J Howe recalls the trials and tribulations of editing his very first fanzine

We trace the history of the annual Oxford vs Cambridge Doctor Who quiz

In 'Masters of the Land of Fiction', Emma Reeves discusses her Big Finish audio The Moons of Vulpana,and Simon Guerrier his Tenth Doctor novel The Pirate Loop

We discover Doctor Who’s Cricket Connections

Director Julia Smith talks Fish People and Smugglers in an archive Tardis interview

Mark Campbell analyses the The Twin Dilemma and Paradise Towers novelisations in our second Target Audience feature!

The Space Museum reopens for a look at late ‘80s merchandise – including Dapol action figures and Dalek pyjamas

Paul Magrs celebrates the Seventh Doctor in his column

Gavin French concludes The Timeless Fan with a look back at fandom in the ‘80s

Colin Howard discusses his Paradise Towers VHS cover

Who is the Seventh Doctor?

Nigel Robinson returns for another round of fiendish quiz questions!

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