CT 515 - Jez Strickley

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The Doctor’s adventures in time and space rest on a special currency: possible worlds. The sheer variety is breathtaking. From human settlements at the edge of the universe, to the virtual world of the Time Lords’ Matrix––perhaps the ultimate possible world––to the many windows onto earthly civilisations and extraterrestrial environments. The potential is endless.

This month’s CT samples a few of these unique environs. Alan Stevens (who also contributed useful editing suggestions) and Fiona Moore consider one of the Doctor’s more puzzling outings in Peter Ling’s The Mind Robber. Jon Arnold ponders the fabric of history, Michael S. Collins reflects on the sadism of the Daleks, and Nick Mellish subtly reframes the Rani’s second adventure. The monstrous impulses of Sutekh the Destroyer go under the spotlight, too. There’s even room for some philosophical musings on consciousness in Doctor Who by Arthur Wellow.

Ian Wheeler’s thoughtful look at the issue of loneliness is particularly pertinent.

From writing worlds to artistic worlds: Richard Farrell’s splendid Sutekh artwork, Nicholas Hollands’ excellent layout and Andy Lambert’s wonderful wrap-around cover bring this issue to life, in its newly-regenerated all-colour format.

On an administrative note, Rik Moran’s guidance and organisational support helped to make it all possible, and Paul Winter got the ball rolling by kindly giving me the opportunity to edit CT in the first place.

My sincerest thanks to everyone involved. Now, let’s explore some possible worlds and see where our fancies take us.

With all best wishes,