Terms and Conditions

This tells you about the terms and conditions under which 'Polarity Day' is presented. This is not an exhaustive list, so if you have any other questions please contact us.

(a) The event is presented by Space Rocket Ltd, DWAS acting as an agent only, incurring no contractual liability. Space Rocket Ltd trades as 'Polarity Day'.

(b) Any additional services you might purchase from the venue or merchandise dealers (such as food, books, photographs etc) are a separate arrangement between yourself and the vendor, and not part of the event package.

(c) We make no assurances that the event will actually take place on the date and venue specified or that any advertised guests and features will appear. Every aspect of the event is advertised in good faith but circumstances outside of our control may impact delivery. No liability for consequential loss is accepted by Space Rocket Ltd. All aspects of the event are subject to change and cancellation without prior notice. Event timings as published on this website and elsewhere are a guide only. A full schedule will be available on the day.

(e) All tickets are issued on the basis that they are for the named holder only and will not be transferred or sold on. Any tickets not required should be returned to the organiser for reallocation. Tickets that it is believed have been obtained from third parties will be deemed void. Tickets are issued free-of-charge at our absolute discretion. Applicants may apply for up to four tickets per envelope and must provide the names of all applicants.

(f) Photography and audio/video recording within the event is only permitted as directed. The panels may not be recorded. The programme 'Claws of Axos' is the property of BBC Worldwide and must not be recorded in any way.

(g) The organiser reserves the right to exclude any person who does not abide by the terms and spirit of the event.

(h) It is not permitted to bring food or drink purchased outside the theatre into the venue

(i) Buying or selling merchandise or trading in other ways, and undertaking any type of journalistic activity is not permitted without the prior written consent of the organiser.

(j) The event is not licensed or approved by the BBC or BBC Worldwide. It is non-profit making, run by fans, for fans.

(k) The unveiling ceremony is a separate event. Only DWAS members may apply for a ticket (one only). You may include an application for a free event ticket in the same envelope. If you are successful in obtaining an unveiling ticket you will also receive a free event ticket.

(l) The unveiling reception is not a convention and it is a condition of entry that autographs are not sought from any guests who may be present.