Previous CT issues

CT 397

Contents include:

Remembering Elisabeth Sladen
Monstrous Motives - the Borad
Second Chances - Attack of the Cybermen
Second Chances - The End of Time
Second Chances - Four to Doomsday
Second Chances - Dimensions in Time
Cool Things - Silver Nemesis
Fiction - Dimensions - The Ultimate Edition
Planet of the Ming-Mongs - CT Exclusive

CT 396

Contents include:

Monstrous Motives: The Celestial Toymaker
The Best of British
The Doctor Who Experience
Matrix Lava Lamp
Series 6 Preview
Time 5 Preview
Donald Tosh: interview

In order for an insert about Elisabeth Sladen to be inserted, despatch of CT was held up for a few days.

CT 395

CT issue 395 is Tony Jordan's last as editor. Contents include:

Nicholas Courtney Remembered

'My Favourite Story Evah!' -
The Dalek Master Plan
The Deadly Assassin
The Robots of Death
The Talons of Weng-Chiang
The Seeds of Doom
The Caves of Androzani

CT 394

Contents include:

Seasonal Variations: Season 6
The Matrix Lava Lamp
The Greatest Theme
Monstrous Motives: Davros
Review: A Christmas Carol
Cool Things: The Krotons
Lizards of the Rue Morgue - final chapter
Sounds of the Sixties: The Space Pirates
Colour cover