Previous CT issues

CT 392/3

CT issue 392/3 is a multi-Doctor special and contents include:

Preview - Christmas Special
Fiction - Lizards of the Rue Morgue
Fiction - The Special People
Child Out of Time
Matrix Lava Lamp
Monstrous Motives - Professor Lazarus
30th Anniversary and Multi Doctor Stories
The Eleven Faces of the Doctor
Revisited - The Five Doctors
Revisited - The Three Doctors
Revisited - The Two Doctors
Time Crash
The Gallifrey Galaxy Trotters

CT 391

CT issue 391 is a season 23 themed edition. Contents include:

Review - Doctor Who Live
Monstrous Motives - Sil
Seasonal Variations - Season 23
The Matrix Lava Lamp - The Trial of a Time Lord
Fiction - Lizards of the Rue Morgue part 6

CT 390

Contents of this 'Cybertastic' include:

Revisited - The Invasion
Revisited - Revenge of the Cybermen
Revisited - Earthshock
Cool Things - Attack of the Cybermen
A History fo the Cybermen
Matrix Lava Lamp Cyber-special
Monstrous Motives - Kellman
Sounds of the Sixties - The Wheel in Space

CT 389

Contents include:

Barry Letts Remembered
Monstrous Motives - Charles Grover
Review - Doctor Who Proms
Seasonal Variations - Season 10
Review - Seventh Heaven
Review - Series 5
50 Cool Things - Terror of the Zygons
The Repeated Meme
Fiction - Lizards of the Rue Morgue
Why Do I Love Doctor Who?
Matrix Lava Lamp
Preview - Time and Space