Celestial Toybox: Castrovalva

Doctor Who Action Figure: The Fifth Doctor

Peter Davison 

Action Figure  Castrovalva  Character Options 

Released: 2010
Cost: £25

Here is a confusing release - the fifth Doctor wearing the Fourth Doctor's clothes. A 5 inch toy from Castrovalva - obviously!

Doctor Who Statue

Peter Davison 


Released: 2006
Cost: £75

Produced by Sheercast, this fifth Doctor Statue was one of eight doctors released. Interestingly only Doctor One was ever given a BBC license!

Doctor Who Viewmaster: Castrovalva

Peter Davison 

Adric  Castrovalva  Full Circle  Nyssa  Tegan  The Master  ViewMaster 

Released: 1983
Cost: £1.95

This set contains 3 reels and 21 pictures from Castrovalva. Those missing Tom Baker still has the viewmaster for Full Circle to indulge in! In a time when VHS video recorders were in some homes and not all this was essential viewing in the week between episodes!

Doctor Who Viewmaster: Full Circle

Tom Baker 

Castrovalva  Full Circle  ViewMaster 

Released: 1981
Cost: £1.95

3 reels, 21 pictures produced by GAF in 1981. This release was the first, with Castrovalva following in 1983.