Celestial Toybox: Nyssa

Doctor Who Annual

Peter Davison 

Annual  Books  Elizabeth Shaw  Nyssa  Tegan 

Released: 1982
Cost: £2.50

This annual was released as the first to feature the Fifth Doctor alone (the previous year having introduced the new incarnation alongside Tom baker's Doctor) and continues a rare tradition of including the Doctor's companions on the cover. This has happened before in 1966 (who is that??), 1968 (Jamie),1970 (Elizabeth Shaw) and 1983

Doctor Who Viewmaster: Castrovalva

Peter Davison 

Adric  Castrovalva  Full Circle  Nyssa  Tegan  The Master  ViewMaster 

Released: 1983
Cost: £1.95

This set contains 3 reels and 21 pictures from Castrovalva. Those missing Tom Baker still has the viewmaster for Full Circle to indulge in! In a time when VHS video recorders were in some homes and not all this was essential viewing in the week between episodes!