Celestial Toybox: Daleks

Colouroll Doctor Who Wallpaper

Peter Davison 

Cyberman  Daleks  Tardis 

Released: 1982
Cost: £2.50

Ever fans dream in 1982! Have your bedroom decorated in Daleks, Cybermen and the Doctor!

Doctor Who and the Dalek Omnibus

Tom Baker 

Books  Daleks 

Released: 1976
Cost: £1.99

Here is an example of a large format book containing abridged versions of 2 Dalek stories. It was published under the 'St Michael' brand making it a Marks and Spencer exclusive.

Doctor Who and the Daleks

William Hartnell 

Books  Daleks  Target Books 

Released: 1964
Cost: 12s 6d

This is the second edition of this book. The first edition has a pink cover. This is one of the h/b edition of this book and many copies were bought by, and subsequently borrowed from, public libraries.

The rights to this book, along with those for 'The Crusades' and 'The Zarbi' were bought by Universal Tandem publishing in the 1970s to launch their Doctor Who Target book range.

Doctor Who Book: German Editions

Jon Pertwee 

Books  Daleks  Foreign Books