Celestial Toybox: Tardis

Colouroll Doctor Who Wallpaper

Peter Davison 

Cyberman  Daleks  Tardis 

Released: 1982
Cost: £2.50

Ever fans dream in 1982! Have your bedroom decorated in Daleks, Cybermen and the Doctor!

Doctor Who Action Figure Set: The Seventh Doctor and the Tardis

Sylvester McCoy 

Action Figure  Character Options  Tardis 

Released: 2010
Cost: £35

This is an example of an exclusive Forbidden Planet action figure set released in May 2010.

Doctor Who Action Figure: The Tardis

Tom Baker 

Action Figure  Tardis 

Released: 1977
Cost: £5.95

Produced by Denys Fisher this Tardis went with your Gambit headed Doctor and Leela (with a Louise Jameson head) and the other figures in this range such as the Cyberman.

Doctor Who Activity Book: TARDIS manual

Christopher Eccleston 

Activity Books  Tardis 

Released: 2005
Cost: £3.99

This activity book was released during series 1 of 2005. It was produced by BBC Books. What more could a young fan ask? A manual to the TARDIS of course!