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Dalek Party Mask

David Tennant 

Party items 

Released: 2010
Cost: £1.99

Scare your friends at a party with these cut out masks!

Dapol: A Silurian

The Wilderness Years 1997-2004 

Action Figure  Sea Devil  Silurians  The Cave-Monsters 

Released: 1998
Cost: £5.49

This cave monster was released in 1998 and shows a Silurian from the story Warriors of the Deep.

Dapol: Sea Devil

The Wilderness Years 1990-1995 

Action Figure  Character Options  Silurians  The Cave-Monsters 

Released: 1998
Cost: £5.49

Even before Character Options had released their classic range, Dapol had produced a Sea Devil in 1998.

Dapol: Tetrap

Sylvester McCoy 

Action Figure  Character Options 

Released: 1988
Cost: £2.99

This item was released in 1988 which the Seventh Doctor was still on TV. This initial figure gave way to a range of action figures from Season 24, including Melanie.