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Dapol: The Master

The Wilderness Years 1997-2004 

Action Figure  Character Options  Dapol  Melanie  Tetrap  The Master 

Released: 1997
Cost: £3.99

Dapol symbolises the time in Doctor Who's TV history from 1988, until this figure was released in 1997. Covering two TV Doctors Dapol produced classic series action figures, before Character Options started their work in 2005. Other classic series monsters to be covered included the Sea Devils, the Silurians and the Daleks. Here pictured is the Delgado version of the Master. Other action figures of the Master include Professor Yana, the John Simm Master and the decayed Master from The Deadly Assassin (produced by CO, Not Dapol).

Denys Fisher Toy Leela

Tom Baker 

Action Figure 

Released: 1977
Cost: £2.50

This action figure shows Louise Jameson's Leela. This figure joined the Fourth Doctor, K9, Cyberman, Dalek and Tardis.

Docor Who Activity Book

Tom Baker 

Activity Books 

Released: 1978
Cost: 30p

This book was released in late 1978 after drawings of Romana were withdrawn at the BBC request.

Doctor Who - Journey Through Time

Colin Baker 

Released: 1986
Cost: $6

This version of the book came with a slip cover when produced in the USA.