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Doctor Who - The Silurians

Jon Pertwee 

Elizabeth Shaw  Sea Devil  Silurians  The Cave-Monsters 

Released: 1992
Cost: £2.99

Released by Virgin with a blue spine, this novel was renamed in 1992 to Doctor Who - The Silurians, away from its original book title. Still technically incorrect though, as it misses the words 'and' and 'the'. Minor quibble!

Doctor Who Action Figure

Christopher Eccleston 

Action Figure  Character Options 

Released: 2006

The first of these released in 2006 (The Sycorax) gave the world the notion that the Character Options range would grow and grow! The Zombie from The Unquiet Dead was an interesting choice of toy. Equally so The Space Pig from Series 1.

Doctor Who Action Figure

Matt Smith 

Action Figure  Character Options 

Released: 2010
Cost: £20

This special release came with the Comic Con 2010 event, but was subsequently sold by Forbidden Planet to fans in the UK.

Doctor Who Action Figure

Tom Baker 

Action Figure 

Released: 1977
Cost: £2.95

What is this, the original Character Option! But not the Doctor, rather Gambit (The New Avengers) headed in a scarf. Still very desirable, then and now.