Episode Poll Results

Way back in April, 2010 (can it really be that long ago?) the 11th Doctor first climbed out of his crashed TARDIS and came face to face with little Amelia Pond. On the same day the DWAS began a series of story polls which we have run on our website after every episode of the 11th Doctor's era.

These polls invited visitors to our website to vote on the most recent episode, grading their opinion by choosing one of the six options: Instant Classic, Great, Good, Average, Poor and Awful.

Each poll was open for votes for only four weeks after the first broadcast of an episode. In this way we have built up a collection of results that together show us what we collectively felt about an episode at the time of broadcast. Unlike the various season polls that we have carried out in the past, these online polls uniquely tell us how we felt about each episode 'at the time'. With no period of reflection and without the chance to re-evaluate the episodes in the light of later revelations, these results present a snapshot of opinion frozen in time.

To produce these lists we have weighted the votes cast for each option to produce a mark out of 10 for each episode.

So, how did we really feel when the episodes first aired?

You can view the results by using the links below or in the menu on the left:

Series 5 Results
Series 6 Results
Series 7 Results
Series 8 Results
All the episodes in one (long) list