Episode Poll Results: Series 5

This was a series of new beginnings. New Doctor, new companion, new TARDIS, new sonic-screwdriver and a new man overseeing the Doctor Who universe in the shape of Steven Moffat. Would these changes prove popular? From Fish Custard to the Big Bang, Van Gogh to Vampires - this series certainly had variety. It also had it's fair share of controversy. The new designs for the Daleks and Silurians were not an instant hit with the fans... and there were starting to be murmurs of unease about the intricate sub-plots that tipify this era of the show.

  Episode Score (out of 10)
1 The Pandorica Opens 7.92
2 The Eleventh Hour 7.69
3 The Big Bang 7.45
4 The Time of Angels 7.32
5 Vincent and the Doctor 7.27
6 Amy's Choice 7.17
7 The Lodger 6.86
8 Flesh and Stone 6.67
9 A Christmas Carol 6.31
10 The Vampires of Venice 6.18
11 Cold Blood 6.12
12 The Beast Below 6.04
13 The Hungry Earth 5.78
14 Victory of the Daleks 4.49