Episode Poll Results: Series 6

The intricate sub-plots continued in series six. With a mid-series break in the early summer of 2011, this series contained as much variety as its predecessor. The discovery that Amy was pregnant set off a sequence of events that served as a backdrop to the entire series, with revelation piled upon revelation. Perhaps the story titles gave us the most pause for thought. 'The Doctor's Wife'? Could the renegade Timelord be planning on marriage? Surely we wouldn't actually be 'Killing Hitler'? We all waited with bated breath to see how the Doctor could possibly evade the death destined for him since the start of the series.

  Episode Score (out of 10)
1 The Doctor's Wife 8.02
2 The Impossible Astronaut 7.29
3 Day of the Moon 7.21
4 The Wedding of River Song 7.17
5 A Good Man Goes to War 7.10
6 The Girl Who Waited 7.02
7 The God Complex 6.84
8 The Rebel Flesh 6.74
9 Let's Kill Hitler 6.55
10 The Almost People 6.52
11 Night Terrors 6.37
12 Closing Time 6.19
13 The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe 5.49
14 The Curse of the Black Spot 5.40