TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 3


TARDIS Volume 17 Issue 3

This magazine was sold in support of DAVSS, a charity supporting victims of domestic abuse, whose patron is Louise Jameson.

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In this issue’s 64 full colour A4 pages:

* Louise Jameson writes about her time playing companion Leela!
* We hear from K9’s co-creator Bob Baker, and voice actor John Leeson in exclusive interviews!
* In Missing in Action we take an in-depth look at The Myth Makers, with many details previously unexplored. This bumper 15,000-word feature includes an analysis of the camera scripts and audience research reports, viewers’ memories, Keys of Marinus director John Gorrie’s recollections of actor James ‘Troilus’ Lynn, close-up photos of the original Trojan Horse model, and a look at some of the serial’s supporting artistes!
* In an extensive feature we examine the history of Doctor Who in Germany, from its original out-of-order broadcasts in the Eighties to its lavish special edition Blu-rays!
* We go behind the scenes of The Stones of Blood in a fascinating set report by Kevin Jon Davies, previously printed in Tardis in 1979. Includes a new introduction and Kevin’s original photos!
* Actor Edmund Pegge recalls his trip to Titan Base in The Invisible Enemy, and shares details of his autobiography!
* Doctor Who historian Andrew Pixley reveals his favourite way of watching the series in How to Watch Doctor Who!
* We uncover the whereabouts of the TV Movie TARDIS Console and speak to its owner and restorer!
* Curiosities from the Space Museum examines merchandise and tie-ins released alongside the TV Movie!
* The New Adventurers tackle the second New Adventure Timewrym: Exodus and Terrance Dicks discusses the writing of the novel in an in-depth archive interview!
* Blake’s Who?! A look at Doctor Who’s ‘sister’ show Blake’s 7!
* The novelisations of Castrovalva and The Invisible Enemy go under the microscope in Target Audience!
* We hear what The Daemons means to one fan, and what life was like living in Aldbourne!
* The creators of Cutaway Comics discuss the return of Omega and the Kangs!
* Writer Don Houghton talks Inferno and The Mind of Evil in an archive Tardis interview!
* Paul Magrs goes back to 1996 and a cold queue outside HMV, in his column!
* An Unconventional Pilgrimage encounters Monoids, War Machines and Daleks in a look back at Season 3!
* Colin Howard discusses his cover for The Armageddon Factor VHS!
* Nigel Robinson returns for another round of fiendish quiz questions!
* Tardis is edited by Robbie Dunlop with a cover by Ryan Aplin and back cover illustration by Carolyn Edwards.