TARDIS returns after 17 years!


Tardis magazine returned after a gap of seventeen years for its 17th volume.

The first issue of the re-launched title ran to 60 A4 pages with colour throughout.

All sales of Issue 1 will supported Mermaids, a charity helping gender diverse children, young people and their families.

Other issues:
Issue 2 - click here for details
Issue 3 - click here for details
Issue 4 - click here for details
Issue 5 - click here for details


* Interviews with the two Eldrads, Judith Paris and Stephen Thorne
* Interview with Tom Baker producer Philip Hinchcliffe
* Interview with The Robots of Death director Michael E. Briant
* Lord Michael Cashman remembers Time Flight
* Gareth Armstrong on playing Giuliano in The Masque of Mandragora
* Cover Story - Colin Howard discusses The Hand of Fear VHS cover
* Jeremy Bentham remembers the Doctor Who Magazine Winter Special from 1983 in which he interviewed all nine producers, featuring unpublished photos
* David J. Howe discusses Season 14
* Building the animated Shada’s Console Room with Mark Barton Hill
* Life on Magrs - a new column from writer Paul Magrs
* Archive interview with Magnus Greel actor Michael Spice with introduction by interviewer Ian McLachlan
* Lockdown Who!
* Archive interview with Robert Holmes * Flashback: Season 14, the DWAS reacts to the controversial season in 1976/77
* Producer John Nathan-Turner’s rare convention photos
* DWAS and fandom in the 1970s, from one fan’s perspective
* An Unconventional Pilgrimage: Watching Doctor Who from the start
* Curiosities from the Space Museum: looking at merchandise released in 1976/77
* Portmeirion - A History
* Masters of the Land of Fiction: David Banks on Iceberg (Virgin) and Darren Jones on Cry of the Vultriss (Big Finish)
* Target Audience by Mark Campbell: reading into The Hand of Fear and The Ribos Operation
* 2020 Vision: Living in Exciting Times
* Remembering The Pescatons
* Tales of Tardis Monkey - a new column from Ellie Collins
* Me and Me and Me: Studying the Multi-Doctor stories
* Nigel Robinson’s Tardis Quiz