TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 4


TARDIS Volume 17 Issue 4 - a Yeti Specia

This magazine was sold in support of The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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In this issue's full colour A4 pages:

* Frazer Hines (Jamie) looks back at his Abominable Snowmen cine film and recalls his experiences of filming with Yeti in Snowdonia!
* Marc Platt discusses his classic Doctor Who story Ghost Light, the spin-off drama Downtime, and Big Finish audio drama Spare Parts in an exclusive interview!
* In Missing in Action, Robbie Dunlop and Si Hunt take an in-depth look at The Abominable Snowmen, with many details previously unexplored. This 23,000-word feature includes studies of the camera scripts and original production documentation, memories from Frazer Hines and viewers, a biography of director Gerald Blake with input from his daughter, and reviews by John J Johnston and Marc Platt!
* Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) is remembered by his friend and biographer Michael McManus!
* We go behind the scenes of the Missing Story animations with director Gary Russell (who previews The Abominable Snowmen) and artist Colin Howard!
* Allysha Lavino explores the Mystery of French village Rennes-le-Château, made notorious by her friend and associate, the late Yeti co-creator Henry Lincoln!
* K9 the series producer and writer Paul M. Tams discusses the loveable robot dog, the charity single “Doctor in Distress”, and more in an in-depth interview which also features the late Bob Baker!
* Artist Ian Fraser relates the story behind his cover art for the most elusive of Target Books, The Wheel in Space!
* Organisers and attendees of PanoptiCon VI tell the story of Patrick Troughton’s one and only UK convention appearance!
* Dalek Life: The Power of the Patrick Troughton Dalek stories is recalled in essays by Viv Corbett, David J Howe and Tony Jordan – including first-hand memories of the Doctor’s regeneration and the Dalek War on Skaro!
* Our four New Adventurers (Daniel, Kevin, Mat and Sarah) take on the third New Adventure novel, Nigel Robinson’s Timewrym: Apocalypse – is it a hit or a miss for the team?
* Christopher J Hill’s Space Museum examines merchandise collected by fans during Patrick Troughton’s time as the Doctor!
* Downtime producer Keith Barnfather recalls the trials and tribulations of making the biggest independent Doctor Who spin-off to date!
* Paul Magrs celebrates 25 years of Doctor Who stories in his column!
* In this issue’s Cover Story, Colin Howard discusses his VHS art for The Two Doctors!
* Mark Campbell scrutinises Terrance Dicks’ The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear in Target Audience!
* Nigel Robinson poses another 50 taxing questions in his Doctor Who Quiz!
* Plus – Patrick Troughton’s original hand-written recipe for Vegetable Soup with Dalek Krotons, from the 1985 Doctor Who Cookbook!

Tardis is edited by Robbie Dunlop. The cover is by Caroline Tankersley, with a design by Ryan Aplin. The back cover is by Ian Fraser. The layout is by Robert Ivory. Interviews by Gavin Bailey, David J Howe, Si Hunt, Alex Moore, Phil Newman and Richard Unwin.