TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 5


TARDIS Volume 17 Issue 5

Tardis took a trip to Marinus (via Mechanus, Karfel and the Land of Fiction) in its fifth issue, which supported the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, as chosen by Carole Ann Ford.

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In this issue's full colour A4 pages:

* Carole Ann Ford reflects on her time as the Doctor’s granddaughter Susan and discusses this issue’s charity, the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary, in an exclusive interview!
* From a BBC studio to the BAFTA stage: an in-depth, career-spanning chat with The Keys of Marinus director John Gorrie!
* The fact of fiction: the real-life story of The Mind Robber’s Unicorn and his trainer, circus performer Joan Rosaire are told by Ken Porter!
* Michael Craze recalls joining Doctor Who as companion Ben in an article written by the actor in 1997!
* Peter Purves (Steven) discusses his personal favourite Doctor Who story, The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve!
* Paul Carney shares memories of his grandfather, William Hartnell – and recalls a trip to the Doctor Who set!
* Film cameraman Charles Parnall is remembered by his son Don Parnall – who tells tales of a visit to Mechanoid City!
* Martin Gower recalls life, times, and Paul Darrow as Timelash’s Bandril Ambassador!
* Marco Polo and The Aztecs writer John Lucarotti answers some probing questions from fan Gary Hopkins in two late 1970s letters – printed in full!
* Novelising The Massacre: David J Howe unearths some revealing correspondence from John Lucarotti to the Target Books editorial team – plus memories of Lucarotti from editor Nigel Robinson!
* Egyptologist, Classicist, and cultural historian John J Johnston considers the archaeological, literary, and cinematic influences within Pyramids of Mars!
* Alex Moore delves into the life and career of director Frank Cox, including Frank’s memories of The Edge of Destruction and The Sensorites, and recollections from actor Brian Blessed!
* Laura Venegas charts the history of Doctor Who broadcasts in Mexico and examines ‘Latin-Who – the Doctor Who fan community that nobody is talking about’!
* 007 surprising connections between the Doctor Who and James Bond franchises are revealed by Oliver Dallas – and Gary Russell reflects on his screen role in Octopussy!
* In this issue’s Space Museum, Christopher Hill examines merchandise from the 1960s sporting the image of William Hartnell’s First Doctor!
* We look back at the 2022 Terrance Dicks: A Celebration event, with contributions from organisers Tony Jordan and Steve Hatcher, and guests Marcus Hearn, Nigel Robinson, and Peter Darvill-Evans!
* It’s a pint for Gavin French, who charts the ins and outs of a Doctor Who fan institution – The Tavern!
* William Emms recalls writing Galaxy 4 in an interview previously printed in a 1981 Cosmic Masque fanzine – with a new introduction by question setter Ian McLachlan!
* Our four New Adventurers (Daniel, Kevin, Mat and Sarah) take on the fourth New Adventure novel, Paul Cornell’s Timewrym: Revelation – is it a hit or a miss for the team?
* Neil Cole takes us on a trip to the Museum of Classic Sci-Fi – and reveals behind-the-scenes secrets about some of the museum’s most treasured props!
* Ian Bresman revisits his time as editor of Celestial Toyroom in 1985!
* Jez Strickley examines the Doctor’s seasonal exits and arrivals – has the moment been prepared for?
* Stephen Hatcher picks his most wanted missing Second Doctor moments!
* To key or not to key? Mark Campbell assesses Philip Hinchcliffe’s The Keys of Marinus novelisation in Target Audience!
* Colin Howard discusses his art book, Timeslides!
* Nigel Robinson poses 30 taxing questions in his Doctor Who Quiz!
* Edited by Robbie Dunlop. Cover by Caroline Tankersley. Back cover by Paul Magrs. Logo by Ryan Aplin. 64 full-colour, A4 pages. In aid of the Hopefield Animal Sanctuary.

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