Celestial Toybox: Dalek

Doctor Who Jigsaw Puzzle

William Hartnell 

Dalek  Jigsaw Puzzle 

Released: 1965
Cost: 2s 9d

The smaller 185 piece puzzle was one of 5 in this series. Some puzzles in this series have different back panels too. Note too this series (although not pictured) is one of very few pieces of toybox material to actually feature the Doctor! The other is the wooden stand-up jigsaw in 1965 which also features Doctor One

Doctor Who Jigsaw Puzzle

Peter Davison 

Dalek  Davros  Jigsaw Puzzle 

Released: 1984
Cost: £7

500 piece jigsaw featuring Davros from a print painted by the artist Andrew Skilleter. This jigsaw was released with the other prints by Andrew including Omega and the Cybermen.

Doctor Who Jigsaw Puzzle

Colin Baker 

Dalek  Davros  Jigsaw Puzzle 

Released: 1984
Cost: £1.99

200 pieces featuring the Sixth Doctor and the Daleks

Doctor Who Pasta Tin from Crosse and Blackwell

David Tennant 

Dalek  Food 

Released: 2009
Cost: £3

Doctor Who food - tastes terrible!