Celestial Toybox: Dalek

Doctor Who Annual

Patrick Troughton 


Released: 1966
Cost: 10s 6d

Here is another example of a 'spin-off' annual type book.

Doctor Who Annual

William Hartnell 


Released: 1964
Cost: 9s 6d

Here is another example of a 'spin-off' annual type book. 'The Dalek Book' was actually released in the summer of 1964 rather than for the more traditional Christmas market. As is now commonly known, the publishers gave the book artist photographs taken during rehearsals for the programme where, to aid the rehearsal process, each Dalek prop had a number written on the dome. These were obviously removed prior to the actual recording of the episode. However the artist did not appreciate this and included the numbers in the illustrations, as can be seen above.

Doctor Who Book: 3D Mask Activity

Matt Smith 

Books  Dalek 

Released: 2010
Cost: £3.99

This activity book was released in 2010 to tie in with Matt Smith's first year as the Doctor.

Doctor Who Candy Favourites

Tom Baker 

Cyberman  Dalek  Food  K-9  Tardis 

Released: 1979
Cost: £3.50

White chocolate pieces in 4 different shapes as featured on the box. This is the boxed set!