Celestial Toybox: Dalek

Doctor Who Transfer Set

Tom Baker 

Dalek  Sarah Jane 

Released: 1976
Cost: 55p

This item from 1976 was produced to show the Dalek Invasion of London and was produced by Letraset.

Doctor Who Visual Dictionary

David Tennant 

Book  Dalek 

Released: 2009
Cost: £12.99

Produced by DK this stunning dictionary has a similiar format to other books of its type.

Doctor Who's Astro Ray Dalek Gun

William Hartnell 


Released: 1964
Cost: 14s 11d

This item was released in 1964. The gun itself was red and was packaged with three darts and a ray beam!

Dr Who en de Daleks

William Hartnell 

Books  Dalek  Foreign Books  Target Books 

Released: 1966
Cost: No cover price

This book was released in Holland and is a translated version of 'The Daleks' by David Whitaker. This is one of the numerous books in terms of cover illustrations for this story. Our favourite being Doctor Who en de Daleks (Uniebok 1974) or Doctor Who E Os Daleks (Presenca 1983) both of which are very very different!