Celestial Toybox: Dalek

The Amazing World of Doctor Who Cards

Tom Baker 

Annual  Cyberman  Dalek  Sarah Jane  Sea Devil  Tardis 

Released: 1976
Cost: Free - 1 Card in 36 bags, 2 in 72 bags, 4 in 144 bags

Third promotion in the modernism that is the Trading Card, following on from the 1964 Cadet cards and the Sky Ray cards (1967). These cards came with Typhoo Tea bag boxes and there were 12 to collect. The 12 then went on a wall chart. There was an accompanying annual type book with this series too.

The Dalek Pocket Book

William Hartnell 

Book  Books  Dalek  Daleks 

Released: 1967
Cost: 2s 6d

The Dalek Pocket Book was too large for most pockets I would imagine. Released in 1967 this book sports a photograph from the first Dalek film.