The Doctor Who Experience at Olympia

The Doctor Who Experience at Olympia in London, was opened by Matt Smith and friends on 20th February 2011 to an invited audience and to the rest of us as of 21st. The exhibition organised in house by BBC Worldwide, is an interactive experience and well worth a visit according to those there at the opening. For more information please visit

Here you can see some photographs of some of the exhibits.
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The primary costumes for each of the Eleven Doctors are here. Those for the 1st, 2nd and 8th Doctors have been painstakingly re-created, whilst the others are originals.

Similarly, some of the costumes for New series companions are also on show.

And here is the 11th Doctor outside the latest version of the TARDIS.

This is part of the Sontaran exhibit featuring one of the race as shown in The Two Doctors (1985)...

...and again this faithful recreation of Lynx from The Time Warrior (1974) has been made by Sue Moore and Stephen Mansfield.

The new series dominates the Experience including this Davros exhibit showing the man himself from Journey’s End.

No exhibition would be complete without this little guy.

The Zygon exhibit was made by classic and new series designer Mike Tucker.

And finally, this version of the classic series console room (The Five Doctors onwards) has been lovingly rebuilt. The console is the original prop, lent back to the BBC by it’s owner, with a number of panels having been restored. The walls and columns are faithful recreations.

All pictures are © Karen Davies and should not be reproduced without consent.