CT453/4 Guest Editor: Alan Stevens

Hello everyone

I've returned for the finale of this current series of guest-edited Celestial Toyroom editions, and my goodness, have I got some great stuff for you. This double issue weighs in at a massive 32 jam-packed pages of scintillating wit, in-depth analysis and occasional sarcasm, from an eclectic bunch of writers who are born to trouble as the sparks fly upward. They are: John Davies, Robert Smith? (not a typo), Graeme Burk, James McLean, Fiona Moore, Ken Shinn, James Gent, Christian Cawley, Cliff Chapman, James Cooray Smith and Janet Black.

And guess what? It's all encased in a beautiful, colour, wrap-around mind-blowing, eye-whirling specially commissioned cover from that hugely talented artist, Andy Lambert.

I'd also like to say a big THANK YOU to Paul Winter and Barry Ward for the time and effort they have put into getting this issue together and also to Stephen James Walker, David J Howe, Matthew Kilburn, Diamanda Hagan, Michael Seely, J.R. Southall and Gareth Kavanagh for their help and advice.

So keep a special lookout for the postman, because I'm sure that once this comes through your letterbox, it will love you forever.

Best wishes

Alan Stevens