A first time for everything

What, me blog?
Never say never...

Welcome to the all-new CT Editor's Blog. We'll have to see how things pan out over the coming months, but hopefully this will give you some insight into what is happening with your magazine, as well as previewing some of the upcoming features. Anyway, today being 3rd April there is only one thing to blog about!

The publicity campaign for the 11th Doctor has certainly been intense, and now the hour (and 5 minutes) is nearly upon us. The trailers have certainly, on the whole, been excellent and it's nice, after the ultimately disappointing specials, to have a new series for the first time in 2 years.

CT will be covering Series 5 in full, with specially commissioned articles. But we also very much want to know what you, our members, think so please do send me your thoughts to tony.jordan@dwasonline.co.uk

See you on the other side,