Scott Fredericks

The actor Scott Fredericks has died. Scott was best known to Doctor Who fans as 'Boaz' in 'Day of the Daleks' and 'Max Stael' in 'Image of the Fendahl'. He also played the strategist 'Carnell' in the Blakes 7 episode 'Weapon' written by Chris Boucher, a role he later reprised in the audio series 'Kaldor City' - a DW/B7 cross over.

Scott was well known for playing very Germanic characters, probably due in part to his appearance, and was in fact cast as a Nazi in the 'Dad's Army' film released in 1971 (one of the airmen who took siege in the Town Hall). In fact, Scott was Irish and spent many of the last few years in Arklow on the east coast and then Co. Sligo further west.

Scott was a guest at a number of DWAS events, most recently the launch of the 'Day of the Daleks Special Edition DVD' in 2011 at Riverside Studios. He was not well at this point and made a great effort to be with us, his only condition being that we did not make him fly over on Ryan Air!

Scott worked on many TV shows during his career including 'Crossroads', 'Dixon of Dock Green', and 'Triangle'. Later he was a regular cast member on the RTE series, 'Fair City'.

His obituary from Irish Equity can be viewed here and you can see a video of part of his 'Day of the Daleks' panel at our You Tube channel: