Celestial Toyroom 2020 Annual

Each year the Society publishes a 'Celestial Toyroom Annual' which is made available as a free download around Christmas/New Year. The 2019 Annual was the Hartnell era, with Capaldi for 2018 and McCoy for 2017.
The 2020 Annual will be the Pertwee era.

Both Celestial Toyroom and its stablemate Cosmic Masque encourage contributions from across fandom. This year we are seeking contributions on each Pertwee era story. Each piece should roughly be 1000 words in length and the nature of the content is largely up to the writer.

If you think you may like to contribute this year please take a look at our previous annuals to get an idea of the type pf article required. The link is at http://www.dwasonline.co.uk/downloads
To take part you do not need to have written for DWAS before, nor do you need to be a paid up member (although we would be very happy if you were!) However if you are new to DWAS publications it would be handy to have an idea what we can expect so if you can point us to other things you have contributed to please do. This is not mandatory - do not let a lack of previous contributing put you off.

Points to note:
1. All DWAS publications are produced on a voluntary basis so there are no fees. We all do this because we want to :-)
2. Final editorial control rests with the Society
3. Accepted contributions will be included in our ebook and also in a limited run print copy. These are usually produced to support charity and as such, we cannot give contributors free of charge print copies.
4. The book will cover all the televised Pertwee stories from Spearhead from Space through to Planet of the Spiders. It will also include The Five Doctors, Dimensions in Time, Paradise of Death and Ghosts of N Space. To keep things manageable we will not be covering Big Finish titles and original fiction.

If you would like to discuss further please do not post here but instead drop us a line at ct@dwasonline.co.uk

***Please do not send in unsolicited contributions*** as each story will be allocated to a contributor in due course.