The Capitol CONtact has been made - Online event

We are delighted to announce “The Capitol CONtact has been made”, a virtual event that will launch at 10.00am BST on Saturday 25th April. We have specifically chosen this time and date as it’s when “The Capitol FIVE” was originally scheduled to get underway.

“CONtact has been made” will be available at our You Tube Channel DWASonline, and features panels from the first four Capitols in their entirety. We are very grateful to our wonderful guests for giving us permission to make them available in these troublesome times as we continue to battle against the invisible enemy.

Panels will include Steven Berkoff talking about Shakespeare, Sylvester Stallone & Hitler, and Jon Culshaw trading blows with Terrance Dicks in a unique double header.

The Society will be making donations to chosen charities that will benefit from “CONtact has been made” and the opportunity will be offered for viewers to do so as well. This will, of course, be entirely voluntary as we are only too well aware that for many money is tight to mention.

Further details will be provided in the run up to the launch of this memorable opportunity for fans across the globe to enjoy the unique nature and atmosphere of “The Capitol”.