Nigel Robinson's Tardis Quiz - Answers

Tardis Vol 17 issue 1 features a quiz set by Nigel. If you can completed it and would like to know how you did, the answers are below.

If you have not completed it yet you may wish to hold off reading this.....

1. Death (Pyramids of Mars).
2. The Wirrn – or Wirrrn. In his novelisation of The Ark in Space, Ian Marter spelt their name with a third “r”, rather than the “rr” in the onscreen credits.
3. The Fourth Doctor (Robots of Death).
4. “Don’t you think she looks tired?” – The words the Tenth Doctor said of PM Harriet Jones in The Christmas Invasion.
5. The Word Ecology Bureau was headed by Sir Colin Thackeray (The Seeds of Doom).
6. Eldrad. He was called this on his return to Kastria by the long-dead Rokon in The Hand of Fear.
7. Queen Victoria (Tooth and Claw).
8. Sole.
9. Borusa was their former teacher. He first appeared in The Deadly Assassin as a Cardinal and subsequently became Chancellor and then Lord President of the Time Lords.
10. Victoria (although he unusually addressed her as “Vicky”). Sarah was wearing one of Victoria’s old dresses.
11. To remove its horn.
12. Tanya Lernov (The Wheel in Space and The War Games).
13. The Master (The Deadly Assassin).
14. D84 (Robots of Death).
15. The Sensorites.
16. The Drashigs. (The Master’s hypnotic beam in Frontier in Space conjured up a vision of one’s greatest fear. Jo saw Drashigs but had yet to encounter the giant maggots.)
17. Zeta Minor.
18. The Slitheen wearing the body of General Asquith.
19. In the classic series Gallifrey was first mentioned in The Time Warrior. In the new series it was first mentioned in The Runaway Bride.
20. The original title of The Face of Evil.
21. The Sixth Doctor (Terror of the Vervoids).
22. She would be eaten by Venom Grubs.
23. Rose (Father’s Day).
24. The Fifth Doctor (Castrovalva) and the Sixth Doctor (Attack of the Cybermen).
25. The Master (Terror of the Autons).
26. Captain Archibald-Hamish Lethbridge-Stewart (Twice Upon a Time).
27. The Skarasen, mistaken for the Loch Ness Monster (Terror of the Zygons).
28. Carnival of Monsters – they were seen on the screen of Vorg’s Miniscope. Before that images of them were seen in the Second Doctor’s trial.
29. The late twentieth century.
30. Magnus Greel (Talons of Weng-Chiang).