CT 508/9 - Alan Stevens

CT508/9 Information

Once more unto the breach, dear friends...

Doctor Who fans may choose one of two roads to travel: either fretting themselves to a frenzy, or petting themselves to a purring satisfaction. And in the course of doing one or the other, they eat their way into that universe, turning cinders and flinders of stars into issues for Celestial Toyroom. Why do they do this? Unable to fully fathom Doctor Who, they seek to change the things they have problems comprehending into Something Utterly Fathomable. Nor will they stop until the nebulae he travels through and the planets she visits have been processed in the name of Sublime Order: for only when Doctor Who has been thoroughly catalogued and nailed down, will it be, in our sight, acceptable and wholly respectable.

So please join Dylan Rees, Ian Scales, Fiona Moore, John Darley, Mathew Peck, Dale Smith, Jez Strickley, Andy Lambert, JL Fletcher, Ann Worrall and myself as we tear up another piece of the universe in our never-ending quest to comprehend the infinite.

Kindest regards,

Alan Stevens (with thanks to Stanislaw Lem)