CT 510 - Ian Wheeler

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A few months ago, it occurred to me that we were approaching the 40th anniversary of the beginning of John Nathan-Turner’s tenure as Doctor Who’s producer. For those of us who were of school age in the 1980s, the JNT era represented our formative years as Doctor Who fans. John was Doctor Who’s longest-serving producer and in many ways its most divisive. But whether you loved or hated his work, you cannot deny that he made a huge impact and is totally synonymous with 1980s Doctor Who. John was a creative juggernaut and it is likely that the show would have been cancelled a lot earlier than it actually was were it not for his loyalty and commitment to the show. Despite the more controversial aspects of his tenure, there can be little doubt as to the affection that many people still have for John.

We have been delighted to receive articles and memories from a wide range of contributors for our special tribute issue, some of whom knew John and worked with him. We are also pleased to have yet another superb cover from the ever-reliable Andy Hackett.

This is my final issue as one of the regular team of Celestial Toyroom editors. It’s been fun. It’s great that CT continues to thrive after so many years and I know that the DWAS Publications team have got lots more planned for future issues. Stay tuned!

Ian Wheeler