TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 3 Quiz Answers

If you have not yet bought the latest issue of TARDIS you may want to avoid this post for the moment….

For everyone else, here are the answers to Nigel Robinson’s latest quiz:

1. The TARDIS (in The Invasion of Time).
2. He remained behind with Leela in The Invasion of Time.
3. Steven Taylor. He thought those were the chances of an Earth ship ever coming to Mechanus (The Chase).
4. “Run!”
5. Computers (The Invisible Enemy).
6. Her father, Sole (The Face of Evil).
7. The Minyans on board the R1C (Underworld).
8. They were affected by the light from the explosion of the Rutan ship (Horror of Fang Rock).
9. He correctly believed that the “ice crystals” in the skies of Ribos were in fact distant stars (The Ribos Operation).
10. The choice Turlough made between good and evil (Enlightenment).
11. It was destroyed by the Fendahl.
12. Gatherer Hade (The Sun Makers).
13. Thirty-two years (The Ribos Operation).
14. The Stones of Blood.
15. Tinclavic ore (The Visitation).
16. She faked her own death (Destiny of the Daleks).
17. An art connoisseur in a Parisian art gallery, played by Eleanor Bron (City of Death).
18. Leela.
19. The sudden and brief materialization of the TARDIS (The Daleks’ Master Plan).
20. To ensure that the Black Guardian would not be able to track him down (The Armageddon Factor).
21. The Third Doctor (The Time Warrior).
22. Great men, according to the War Doctor (Day of the Doctor).
23. Vicki in the final episode of The Chase.
24. H Parson (His name was not mentioned in the script but it is seen on the board outside the school in the opening scene).
25. A piece of jethrik; the planet Calufrax; the Seal of Diplos; a part of a Taran statue; Kroll; Princess Astra.
26. She was exterminated by Daleks on Satellite Five (The Parting of the Ways).
27. Pizza (The Parting of the Ways).
28. The Fleur de Lys was a fake replica of an English pub on Oseidon (The Android Invasion): the Cloven Hoof was the village pub in The Daemons in Devil’s End; and a version of Clara worked at the Rose and Crown in The Snowmen.
29. Helen A (The Happiness Patrol).
30. Madame Nostradamus (The Ark in Space). The Eighth Doctor (Night of the Doctor).
31. Mickey in School Reunion.
32. The Pirate Captain in The Pirate Planet.
33. An alias of Cessair of Diplos in The Stones of Blood, who murdered her husband on their wedding night.
34. The Empress of Mars encountered by the Twelfth Doctor.
35. Transdimensional engineering or why the TARDIS was bigger on the inside. (The Robots of Death).
36. Amelia Rumford (The Stones of Blood).
37. The Flight Through Eternity episode of The Chase. It’s not stated as such but they were seen on two different levels of the Mary Celeste – the top level which was only accessible by stairs, suggesting that they could levitate. However in the following episode Journey into Terror Ian stated that the Daleks did not “like” stairs. The first time we actually saw a Dalek ‘climbing stairs’ was in Episode One of Remembrance of the Daleks.
38. The Eleventh Doctor (A Christmas Carol).
39. The Mandrels from the planet Eden. ​
40. The Tythonian ambassador to Chloris.


1. The actor Gerald Campion. He played Billy Bunter of Greyfriars School in the TV series of the same name, Wilkins at Saint Cedd’s in Shada, he was Galloway in Carry On Sergeant at the Heathercrest National Service Depot (appearing alongside William Hartnell), and he founded a private members’ club in London’s Soho which still bears his name to this day. (Tom Baker also starred in Shada and was a regular at Gerry’s Club).
2. The actor Geoffrey Bayldon who played respectively Organon, the Crowman and Catweazle.
3. They were all leads in 60s/70s/80s BBC sitcom The Liver Birds. Pauline Collins (Samantha Briggs in The Faceless Ones) played Dawn in the first series of the TV show; Nerys Hughes (Todd in Kinda) played Sandra; and Polly James (Jane Hampden in The Awakening) played Beryl.
4. An Unearthly Child. Eileen Way (Karela) played Old Mother in An Unearthly Child and Alethea Charlton (Edith) played Hur in the same story.
5. The actor Martin Jarvis who played the characters in respectively Vengeance on Varos, The Web Planet, and Invasion of the Dinosaurs.
6. They each featured TARDISes within TARDISes.
7. William Russell (Ian Chesterton) who played Sir Lancelot in the TV series of the same name; the eighth elder in Superman The Movie; Rita’s husband Ted Sullivan in Coronation Street; and Harry a guard at TV Centre in An Adventure in Space and Time.
8. The actresses playing them have all played leading characters in EastEnders. June Brown (Lady Eleanor) played Dot Cotton; Louise Jameson (Leela) played Rosa di Marco; Michelle Collins (Kath McDonnell) played Cindy Beale; and Tracy Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman) played Chrissie Watts.
9. They all provided different explanations for the destruction of Atlantis.
10. A significant part of each story took place in I. M Foreman’s junkyard at 76 Totter’s Lane.