TARDIS Vol 17 Issue 4

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We celebrate the Second Doctor, Patrick Troughton, and 55 years of the Yeti in issue 4 of Tardis, published in aid of The Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Frazer Hines (Jamie) looks back at his Abominable Snowmen cine film and recalls his experiences of filming with Yeti in Snowdonia!

Marc Platt discusses his classic Doctor Who story Ghost Light, the spin-off drama Downtime, and Big Finish audio drama Spare Parts in an exclusive interview!

In Missing in Action, Robbie Dunlop and Si Hunt take an in-depth look at The Abominable Snowmen, with many details previously unexplored. This 23,000-word feature includes studies of the camera scripts and original production documentation, memories from Frazer Hines and viewers, a biography of director Gerald Blake with input from his daughter, and reviews by John J Johnston and Marc Platt!

Nicholas Courtney (The Brigadier) is remembered by his friend and biographer Michael McManus!

We go behind the scenes of the Missing Story animations with director Gary Russell (who previews The Abominable Snowmen) and artist Colin Howard!

Allysha Lavino explores the Mystery of French village Rennes-le-Château, made infamous by her friend and associate, the late Yeti co-creator Henry Lincoln!

K9 the series producer and writer Paul M. Tams discusses the loveable robot dog, the charity single “Doctor in Distress”, and more in an in-depth interview which also features the late Bob Baker!

Artist Ian Fraser relates the story behind his cover art for the most elusive of Target Books, The Wheel in Space!

Organisers and attendees of PanoptiCon VI tell the story of Patrick Troughton’s one and only UK convention appearance!

Dalek Life: The Power of the Patrick Troughton Dalek stories is recalled in essays by Viv Corbett, David J Howe and Tony Jordan – including first-hand memories of the Doctor’s regeneration and the Dalek War on Skaro!

Our four New Adventurers (Daniel, Kevin, Mat and Sarah) take on the third New Adventure novel, Nigel Robinson’s Timewrym: Apocalypse – is it a hit or a miss for the team?

Christopher J Hill’s Space Museum examines merchandise collected by fans during Patrick Troughton’s time as the Doctor!

Downtime producer Keith Barnfather recalls the trials and tribulations of making the biggest independent Doctor Who spin-off to date!

Paul Magrs celebrates 25 years of Doctor Who stories in his column!

In this issue’s Cover Story, Colin Howard discusses his VHS art for The Two Doctors!

Mark Campbell scrutinises Terrance Dicks’ The Abominable Snowmen and The Web of Fear in Target Audience!

Nigel Robinson poses another 50 taxing questions in his Doctor Who Quiz!

Plus – Patrick Troughton’s original hand-written recipe for Vegetable Soup with Dalek Krotons, from the 1985 Doctor Who Cookbook!

Tardis is edited by Robbie Dunlop. The cover is by Caroline Tankersley, and the back cover by Ian Fraser. Interviews by Gavin Bailey, David J Howe, Si Hunt, Alex Moore and Phil Newman.