The Lodger. Scary Monsters or Super Creeps?

Let's see..............

Kate Griffiths: I can sum up The Lodger in one word, hilarious. It shows what a versatile series Doctor Who can be. It also showed off Matt Smith's acting, he was so funny in this episode and he was so good at pretending to be human. It also showed off his football skills. The bit where he was singing in the shower was good and harked back to Pertwee with the song. James Corden was well suited to the story and really good.

The idea of people dissapearing through the door was good too. It was quite a light hearted episode generally, but it was the humor element that I loved about it. There were far too many to remember, I liked it when he had the screwdriver and asked where the switch was and tried to use Craig's toothbrush while all disheveld when he fell out of the shower. When Gareth Roberts writes an episode you can expect it to be funny, but even he surpassed himself. Utterly excellent.

John Howe: Strange old episode this, it took the Doctor out of his normal comfort zone
of the TARDIS and placed him into the domestic setting of flat sharing in Essex. This is new territory for Doctor Who. It was nice to see the sort of footballer Matt Smith once was and there were some nice jokes too. All of the cast were on good form also.

This wasn't the best of the current series for me. It wasn't that I didn't like it, just that in my opinion it didn't maintain the current run of quality we have come to expect. We were thrust into the story at breakneck
speed without any time to adjust and the threat of the week just didn't seem threatening enough. It rattled along at a fair old pace and kept my interest for sure, but I can't help feeling that it was a calm before the storm episode. Bigger and better things are around the corner.