Just A Day Away...

As I write this series 5 is just a day away. I wonder what we'll all be saying about the New Who tomorrow? Will we be gushing with praise or whinging about everything from the new music, titles, TARDIS to the new Doctor? Maybe we'll be doing all those things.

It isn't just the Doctor who is back tomorrow. The new K9 series arrives on the Disney XD Channel and I am about to look and see if I actually get that. As much as I am hoping the series will be a success I am a little to reluctant to shell out any more money to watch it. I am not sure that launching this on the same day as series 5 is actually a good idea as it will probably be over-shadowed. I hope it goes well though and in fact, I believe that K9 might be a guest at our next event in October... www.timeandspace.biz you know.

If you are going to a new series party tomorrow - I know of both the London and Manchester ones, I hope you have a good time. I was planning to attend the London one but Easter holidays and family things - well I know what's good for me. You can always drop CT a line to tell us about any launch party you attend. The new Contact page which you can visit above has a CT section.

One thing I am looking forward to us launching here at DWASonline very soon is our online archive of DWAS publications past. On that note, I would be very pleased to hear from anyone who might have a copy or copies of CT from 1978 - specifically the February edition with the 'Intruder From Space' front page from which we are currently missing the last page, and also the July edition with the 'Come and see the First Doctor Who Story at Panopticon' front page. We are missing more than just the last page from that one.. If you have either sitting at home and could let us have a copy -either a photocopy of scan then please let me know - my email is paul.winter@dwasonline.co.uk

In the meantime I understand that the TARDIS engines might be phasing and a short trip into the future is going to be called for at about 6.20pm..