The Pandorica Opens. Mine's a pint.

I thought that was a brilliant piece of television. Here's what a couple of our 'regulars' have to say.

Kate Griffiths: Well wasn't that good, from the opening 'Hi Sweetie' to the Pandorica being for the Doctor was just superb. I didn't see that coming. The atmosphere was so incredible and tense, look what a lone 'incomplete' cyberman can do. The idea of all the Doctors foes banding together to stop him destroying the universes was very clever. Pretty scary too, especially the revolting skull in the Cybermans head, mind wouldn't expect anything less from Steven Moffat.

I hope Rory and Amy manage to come back in the final episode, and River Song for that matter I love them all.

I really can't wait for next week as I can't see how on earth they will be able to get out of that! I liked it that there was no next time trailers to spoil anything.

John Howe: This series has flown by; it really does only seem a short while ago that Matt Smith burst onto our screens dangling from the crashing TARDIS and yet the series finale also seems to have been a long while in coming. Well here it is, and now we all know. The Pandorica, that is said to contain the most fearsome warrior of all, was purpose built to contain the Doctor by an alliance of his greatest enemies. What a collection too! Daleks, Cybermen, Sontarans, Judoon, Autons, The Hoix (obviously still smarting over the red and blue bucket incident) plus the Sycorax, Slitheen, Zygons and Terileptils also get a mention.

The Doctor has been carefully led into a trap constructed around the memories of Amy. Ponder on that one; it’s going to be important I feel. Vortex Manipulator methinks! The excitement and tension was fully cranked up all the way! Surely this was one of the best cliff-hangers of all time. The Doctor locked inside the Pandorica as his enemies gloat. Amy shot and seemingly killed by Auton Rory and the TARDIS about to explode with River trapped within. Oh and let's not forget the bit about the TARDIS causing the cracks in the universe which will
lead to its destruction. That’s 4 cliff-hangers for the price of 1!!!!

We’ve been drip fed teasers leading us towards this episode since the series began but I’ll wager that when it’s all over, and we’ve all seen part 2 we will not realise just how many. I have a feeling that there were no
unlinked stories in this series. Each encounter with the 11th Doctor and Amy has contained a little something that’s relevant to the opening of the Pandorica, or else important in the resolution of the series finale threat.
Mr Moffatt, I once again doff my hat to you. This episode ticked all the boxes! Simply sublime!