Pennant Roberts (1940-2010) RIP

The death of Pennant Roberts has been announced.

Pennant directed no less than 6 Doctor Who stories: The Face of Evil, The Sun Makers, The Pirate Planet, Shada, Warriors of the Deep and Timelash. His reputation amongst fandom has been somewhat sullied by the last two, but all sorts of events conspired against him on them.

His list of other credits include Tenko, Howards’ Way, Blakes 7, Juliet Bravo and Survivors. He was an extremely good director, and highly respected by the actors who worked for him. I had the pleasure of interviewing Pennant for CT last Autumn, and although his wife was trying to hurry him up he still gave me his time!

Always a gentleman, always more than willing to talk to people who showed interest in his work. RIP Pennant.