The Big Bang. Fezes are cool!

And so series 5 is over. Thank you for your feedback over the past 3 months, I hope you've found this blog a useful tool in gauging the reactions of DWAS Members.

Mark Carroll: Simply superb! The best season finale since The Doctor returned in 2005. I was particularly impressed that Steven Moffatt resisted the temptation to go completely over the top, (something RTD never knowingly avoided) and told a very human and personal story instead.

Roll on Christmas and the next season!

Kate Griffiths: My immediate reaction is wow. That was brilliant, such a good mixture of emotions from the humourus Fez to the last 30 mins. Matt Smith is such a fantastic Doctor. The emotions come from the fact that I have loved the Doctor, Amy and Rory through this entire series. When he was saying goodbye to young Amelia the Doctor looked so old, tired and sad, that's when the tears really started falling. Then it was bittersweet finally seeing Amy and Rory getting married with her parents there, and just willing her to remember the Doctor, then someting old, new, borrowed and blue, well I was grinning like a loon through my tears. Then back to funny with the Doctor dancing! Then the happy ending. Fantastic stuff.

I think this has been the best series of the 'new' Who (and one of the best ever). Matt Smith has been a revelation and I hope he stays in the role for a good while yet. Steven Moffatt has done Doctor Who fans proud. Only six months to wait now!

John Howe: This episode promised so much. Last week we saw the ultimate cliffhanger.
So, did The Big Bang live up to expectations? Not really no. That’s not to say that it wasn’t a great piece of television and a good episode of Doctor Who by any means. Last week we were left with an alliance of all of the Doctors greatest enemies. This week, in a flash they were all gone. It was a good flash, a well explained and understandable flash but I did feel a sense of disappointment not to have seen a bit more of them.

There were also a few minor plot niggles. When the credits began to roll it felt like I was back in the 90’s watching the X-Files. The - It’s finished but there are still so many unanswered questions – feeling. The linking theme of the cracks in time was resolved as of now but has left so much still to be revealed. I would guess it’s going to be something that is cleared up at a later date.That said I still thoroughly enjoyed it! There was some lovely stuff in this episode. The Fez jokes were a lot of fun. The way the Doctor acquired his new hat by accident and then instantly adopted it plus Amy and River’s method of its removal were all great.The Doctor’s embarrassing dancing at Amy’s wedding was hilarious!

My favourite moment in the episode by far was the Doctor’s return. A wonderful tracking shot towards Amy (looking absolutely stunning in a wedding dress) as the time winds from the TARDIS gently blow her hair. As she recites the “something borrowed” wedding rhyme the Doctor is remembered and returns. Epic and heartwarming! Steven Moffatt is just as capable of these moments as Richard Curtis is.It was a good finish to what has been a very superior series of Doctor Who. Many thanks to all involved for 13 weeks of top class entertainment!