Series 5. The Final Word

The final word on The Big Bang comes from Jane Evans.

Well, the Big Bang was so fast, and so complicated, that I've watched it three times so far and I am still not sure how all the movements in time fit together. People used to say Mawdryn Undead was complex, but the Big Bang is so, so much harder to follow. Moffatt has succeeded in one way......he has made me want to decypher what was going on. I think the story will become a classic just because people have to think about it so hard. I think I need a big sheet of paper and a pencil to map out and clarify exactly who was where when and what they did there. That should keep me busy until the Christmas special. Matt Smith looked great in the Fez - he should be allowed to wear one again. The top hat and tails was brilliant, it looked really smart and elegant. There must be an opportunity for him to wear that style again.

It was nice to see Amy in a happy family atmosphere after the lonely childhood she originally had and seemingly having had a normal courtship with Rory, the stressful crises having been wiped out. I think we all owe a vote of thanks and congratulations to Caitlin Blackwood who carried a lot of responsibility in this series and did it amazingly well.

I'm now left worrying, if the stories in the series have been wiped out of time, will the space whale suffer for ever? Will there be a deadly time machine on the roof of a house for ever? Will there be monsters in Venice for ever? What happened to the moster in Provence?

If the adventures that cured the problems have been wiped out, then surely the problems are still there? As fans we can spend years discussing this and hey presto the Big Bang will become a classic in hindsight.

Jane Evans