The Eleventh Hour. More of your thoughts.

Ivan Philpot: First impressions were how filmic the whole production felt. The switch to HD had already occured so it probably wasn't just that that made the whole thing feel bigger, but others in the room were also asking what the changes to filming were.

A simple story, if a bit over cooked, but with lots of unanswered questions dropped in for future gazing! well acted, enough humour/drama mix to keep everybody happy; well nearly everybody - as someone exclaimed that they were exhausted just trying to keep up with all the action and hadn't a clue what was going on. lOOKS good for the future.

Max Amos: As a fan who has greatly enjoyed Steven Moffat's contributions to the Whoniverse over the past five years (The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, Blink and Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead being among my favourite episodes of all time - and my earliest childhood Who memories being Destiny of the Daleks), I've been looking forward to this new era in the Who mythos, and indeed The Eleventh Hour possibly more than I was looking forward to Rose five years ago and the TVM fourteen (yikes!) years ago. Experience suggested to me that Moffatt had a much greater and much better sense of what made good 'Who' than a certain Mr Davies did. Inevitably various questions will be asked. So did The Eleventh Hour tick all the boxes?

Somewhat predictably, yes and no. Is it fair to judge the new production team and regular cast after one episode? Definitely not! More realistically, how did it compare to Rose and the Christmas Invasion? I would say favourably, on the whole. Original plot. Great direction. Great performances from the cast. Great special effects. Some great imagery. Great sense of drama and plenty of action with no camp pantomime silliness.

Everything seems very promising up until the last few minutes. And then the Doctor tells the enemy to "Run!" and the enemy happily obliges. If that is the power of the Doctor's influence, especially when freshly regenerated, then it is hard to see how the coming episodes will offer much in the way of excitement! I'm awfully sorry if I'm mistaken, but I was under the impression that RTD had left the building quite a few months ago!?! Or maybe the legacy of RushtoTheending Davies is going to live on after all. I for one do dearly hope not...

Mark Carroll: Short answer? Loved it!

My wife and I took immediately to Matt Smith, quite an achievement as she has been complaining for ages about DT leaving!

The story was excellent (well it would be wouldn't it?) and the idea of setting it in a small village with a "Post Office, and it's shut!" (one great line among many. My favourite, "You're Scottish, fry something". The concept of the Atraxi was quite beautiful as was Prisoner 0. My only complaint would be that Prisoner 0 did an awful lot of standing (or hanging) around apparently lacking in mobility, which diminished its threat considerably. All in all though, a fine start and I, for one, can barely wait for next Saturday!