Daleks, Cybermen and Internet Explorer 6

The Doctor gets to fight many enemies in his travels. As a webmaster there are fewer monsters in my life on a day to day basis. There is one though. Internet Explorer 6!

Microsoft released IE6 all the way back in 2001 when the thought of a new series of Doctor Who seemed as far away as ever. Since then we have had three more Doctors and two more versions of Internet Explorer (with a third currently in beta testing) - yet there are still people using that dated old version of Microsoft's browser.

The problem is that IE6 can no longer keep up with the latest web developments. For many years web developers tried to bend and shape their sites so that they would work in IE6. But no longer. Web developers are revolting (yes - ha ha).

The DWAS Online website has been developed to work correctly on all modern browsers. This means that it simply will not look as good in IE6. It will work, but some elements will not be positioned correctly, some images will not be transparent where they should be, some text will not align as intended. The solution is simple. If you are using IE6 (and you are not tied to it by company policy) simply update to the latest version or download another modern browser as a replacement.

I have made a message appear at the top of the browser if you are viewing it in IE6. Clicking on this message will take you safely to Microsoft's download page for IE8. You could also click the following link...


Or for alternative browsers try...

Firefox 3.6
Safari 4
Opera 10
Google Chrome

There are others available too.

For more information on the problem, see...

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Help me defeat this monster. :-)