A Christmas Carol - Your Thoughts

The first couple of reviews are in, and they're not very positive..........

Mike Basil: Doctor Who is known to be extravagant. But A Christmas Carol is wrongfully over the top.

Fairly, it isn't totally impossible to understand the whole story. It obviously attracted Michael Gambon who's good at paralleling Scrooge. Amy and Rory are both disappointingly underused. And the 11th Doctor's sonic screwdriver is destroyed which will upset my nephew since its his favorite. At least Matt Smith's still able to shine. The Marilyn Monroe twist is tentatively interesting and might have been explored a bit more.

Hopefully next year's Christmas special will make amends. Doctor Who, like all great sci-fi franchises, is entitled to its share of false notes and letdowns. We all like to draw the line in some areas. I'll find my satisfaction, as I'm sure we all will, in optimism for 2011.

Finally, if I could choose at least one favourable part of this story, it's the debut of Catherine Jenkins which doesn't go unrewarded.

Gary Hole: I thought this year’s Christmas special was a great confusion and disappointment, and far too Monty python. It just didn’t seem to work for me, why choose sharks and fish in association with a scrooge character, and what
were Amy and Rory doing aboard the ship. However it was lovely to see Catherine Jenkins in her first proper acting role and her musical talent. But let’s get back to a more compacted and melodramatic storyline next Christmas.