A Christmas Carol

Just seven hours to go until 2011 arrives in the UK. Yawwwn... I guess I'll stay up and then try and send text messages to people I see every day to say 'Happy New Year'. Bah. Humbug. Which brings me to.. 'A Christmas Carol' - Doctor Who's 2010 special.

I thought that this was the best Christmas special so far. A clever twist on the original Dickens story, a well structured adventure as one would expect from SM, nice production values and an excellent performance again from Matt Smith. And so much better than last year's 'The End of Time' which I think it would not be an exaggeration to say I did not like..

And yet the feedback we have had - and there hasn't been much guys so please do get emailing if you can, has been overwhelmingly negative. So did DWAS members really not like 'A Christmas Carol' or have the majority just not emailed their opinions in? Whatever the correct answer please do take a few moments to drop us a line at ct@dwasonline.co.uk and also to vote in our poll if you have yet to do so - http://www.dwasonline.co.uk/poll