A Christmas Carol - More Reviews

More of your thoughts on the 2010 Christmas Special.

Andrew Ryan: I have cast my vote on the DWAS website. I voted for AWFUL.

I looked at the clock at 6:10 wondering how much more of this I had to suffer before it was over. The clock hands moved around very slowly.

I could have gone off and made tea and cut the Christmas cake and returned to find that I had not missed anything. This story had so many problems. To start with, the Doctor's companions got squeezed out of the story which I feel was the first mistake. Add this with adapting a traditional Xmas tale and ..............

Kate Griffiths: Contrary to the other reviews I enjoyed it. To be honest I can't remember much about it now as it was noisy while I was watching it and I haven't had chance to watch it again yet, but I remember liking it. It was a proper Christmas plot with the Doctor changing him from scrooge to 'Santa'.

I liked the way he went back every Christmas Eve. Yes the fish and the shark were a bit much maybe, but the younger generation need some monsters. I watched it with my family and they didn't like it very much either, but I just did. It's my favourite Christmas episode so far.

Ian Wheeler: The word that sums up A Christmas Carol for me is ‘average’, which is a pity, because I have been a big supporter of the Matt Smith era so far which I have largely preferred to RTD’s offerings.

The problem with this story was, like most of the previous Christmas specials, that it was just trying to hard to be ‘Christmassy’. I love snow, tinsel and all the rest of it as much as the next man but I think the production team just tries to hard to put the Christmas into the Christmas specials. The only one I have really liked so far was The End of Time which was a cracking yarn which just happened to be set at Christmas. Next year, let’s have fewer festive touches and more story. Let’s have a real threat for the Doctor to take on. Let’s have, as rumoured this time, the Yeti or some other big Who monster.

It had its good points of course. Michael Gambon was great although Katherine Jenkins was maybe a little underused. The flying sharks were ok but not as original an idea as some people seem to think - Pat Mills created a virtually identical creature in a Dan Dare comic strip nearly 30 years ago. And maybe next year’s special could forego the over-dramatic and rather pointless voiceover we seem to have to have at the beginning of the story.

It was a pity we didn't see more of Amy. I understand there were production reasons for this but she is one of the best companions ever in my opinion and I bet the kids were disappointed she wasn't in it much.

Overall, I thought The One Ronnie and Poirot were much better value for money than Doctor Who this year. That said, I often warm to Who stories more on their second viewing so I may yet grow to love this one.

Oh, and maybe I shouldn't moan on too much. I still find it hard to believe that Doctor Who can beat Coronation Street in the ratings at Christmas. If you'd predicted that ten years ago, no-one would have believed you!

Kvein Welch: I would just like to say that I enjoyed this year's Christmas Special. Ok it
wasn't what you would call a classic but I have to say that it was a great one. I liked the idea of it being set on another planet this time and fish that swam in the sky and also through fog was cool. The part where we saw Amy in her police uniform and Rory in his roman soldier gear reminded me of Rodney and Cassandra in Only Fools And Horses. It was a shame that the sonic screwdriver got wrecked as this too is a favourite one of mine.

Matt Smith has really taken to the role as The Doctor and I hope he continues as him for a long time. Katherine Jenkins was very good in her role as Abigail, Great acting and singing voice! Very sad when you learn the reason why she is Frozen. Looking forward to the next season.