It's Gone Down Well Hasn't It?

New Who seems to have gone down well doesn't it? The media response has surprised me. Generally speaking I despise the press - I believe that they invent non-existant news stories to match their own political agendas and prejudices, and exert a worrying influence over public opinion. Built into this is I believe a desire a knock everything, and I was therefore anticipating a bad response for the new series. But by and large it hasn't happened. I am very surprised and very pleased!

I have listening again (and again and again!) to the new theme on the BBC website - unobscured by the announcer. Whereas I do not dislike the new intro that seems to have irritated some, I am afraid that I just cannot make myself like the new version overall I do like the titles though so I am sure the music will grow on me. After all I even got used to Dominic Glynn's version in 1986...

Thank you for all your comments so far. It is heartening to have such a response form our members. Three days to go and we can start it all over again!

Finally, on an unrelated point - the recent increase in UK postage prices does not affect business customers meaning that we will not be increasing the membership fee to compensate.