The Doctor Who Experience

Doctor Who Experience – Review

Well I am just back from The Doctor Who Experience!

The first thing to say is that I am not going to spoil anything of the experience itself here that isn’t already known.It has a great ending and a few scares and some surprises along the way. The best being of course that you spend a while in the 11th Doctor's Tardis, the 10th Doctor's Tardis and the post The Five Doctors Tardis too (which I have to say is the major highlight of this event),

Once you have finished your “your trip of a lifetime” you are greeted by an astonishing array of monsters and villains from the Classic and new series. The dedication and effort to bring such a collection together cannot be understated. There is a fabulous array of costumes worn by the Doctor himself, an amazing history of the Cybermen and a rank of Daleks old and new. This section is really stunning and clearly every effort has gone into making as many monsters 'restored' as possible.

The level of design in this experience has never been matched and this extends to even the shop at the end! As any one who has been today will surely tell you, this experience is not to be missed.