The Impossible Astronaut - Your Thoughts

Here is what you have said about the Series 6 opener so far...

Stunning start to a new series, I want a TARDIS to get me to next Saturday!
Although the question we must all be asking is if The Doctor dies the "True
Death" in his 11th incarnation then how can there be any more Who after Matt
Smith leaves?

Mark Carrol

Innovative idea using the NASA Apollo missions as a backdrop, conspiracy stories are all the rage these days, so it was a good concept to use as a backdrop. The ‘alien in the astronaut suite’ was similar to the ‘ambassadors of death’ the old John Pertwee story. But I do wish ‘Doctor Who’ would return to more grounded and solid story telling narrative again, I personally find the plot twists, and surrealism tedious silly and too involved, and viewers might become disinterested. That said I do like the main lead characters.

Garry Hole

As tempted as I am, I can't say too much about Impossible Astronaut because I shouldn't risk giving anything away to anyone who's not yet seen it. As anyone who's seen the previews knows, there's a connection between President Nixon and the Doctor's latest alien encounter. The aliens are the most impressive of all I've seen in the new Who. What shocks me most is that my nephew apparently watched this whole episode without being scared. The opening twist is a pretty good one and the countdown to River Song's revelation is more exciting with her every line.

For the first episode of the new Who filmed in America, it's effortlessly worthy of all the praise it's received so far. I'll say just one more thing. Amy will have a revelation of her own. I can't wait until next week.

Mike Basil

I watched it at broadcast; and what a watch it was. It felt like walking in halfway through a season; everyone had already been introduced, the niceties had been acted out and you were straight into the action. like one long breath-hold.

Ivan Philpot

I must admit that for the first five minutes I was a bit dissapointed but then the 45 mins had just gone. Very clever plot, I really can't see where they are going with this - which is a good thing. I still like River Song she's still got that air of mystery about her. The Doctor, Amy and Rory were good as ever. When the Doctor was shot and started to regenerate I really did think for a few seconds that there was going to be a new Doctor. Of course there wasn't. It would be impossible!, in this day and age to keep that quiet. I am really looking forwards to next Saturday. so many questions to be answerd.

Kate Griffiths

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