The Impossible Astronaut - More of Your Thoughts

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I actually missed the "runaround" element of the season opener, to be honest, although this experiment of trying it a different way was worthy of a go. While parts of the story were interesting, something about it didn't quite hang together for me, somehow, and I haven't quite figured out why that is yet. It will be very interesting to see the second episode, to see just what is explained and what isn't. And, much as I enjoy the performance, I am getting a little tired of the River Song "thing" now.

How high will it be possible to ratchet the hype on the show, I find myself wondering? Only time will tell....

Steve Murphy

Watched this later on BBC i player as I wasn't around for the broadcast. Expectations were met with this first episode! Great start to Series 6! It will be interesting to see just how this two part episode ends!

Kevin Welch

Look foward to hearing even more.